The “Oh Crap App” – An App for Drunk Drivers

April’s “News of the Month” is a crazy one.  Do you remember the slogan “There’s an app for that”?  Well, this app developer (Design Room) takes it to the limit in an app for drunk drivers called the “Oh Crap App”.

When the drunk driver is being pulled over they can click on the app icon on their phone (because drunk drivers should also be on their smartphones while driving drunk).  The app automatically starts recording audio and continues to do so for 15 minutes or until someone turns off the recording.  This feature is designed to be played back to the driver’s lawyers to help them in court.

The app also gives the driver tips on what to say (and what not to say) when they are pulled over and gives a list of the driver’s rights.

This app is causing some debate on whether or not the creators of the app are promoting drunk driving.  The creators say they aren’t promoting it, they just want to help those who are caught drunk driving and help them to make good decisions after they are pulled over.